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About Us

Welcome to TAZ Group, where excellence is not just a goal; it’s a commitment. Our steadfast belief is encapsulated in our powerful slogan:


Company Background

TAZ Group, founded by the visionary ABU TAHER HOSSAIN KHAN, is a tribute to the enduring legacy of his late brother, LATE AFZAL HOSSAIN KHAN. Our journey began in 1991 in the USA, where we laid the foundation of our business in the garment industry. In 2005, we expanded our horizons with the establishment of “New Heaven Timber and Saw Mill” in Bangladesh, solidifying our reputable standing in the industry. Since 2012, ABU TAHER HOSSAIN KHAN has been overseeing our real estate business in Canada.

Following the passing of his elder brother, ABU TAHER HOSSAIN KHAN assumed the mantle, preserving and elevating the legacy of the business. With a wealth of experience, he recognized the imperative for modernization, leading to the establishment of “TAZ” in 2021—a venture fueled by the spirit and mentorship of LATE AFZAL HOSSAIN KHAN.

At TAZ Group, we envision a future where every product we offer reflects the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our goal is to be a leader in the industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation. We strive to exceed expectations, providing not just products but experiences that resonate with our commitment to quality.
TAZ Group is your comprehensive “One Stop” solution for home décor, corporate needs, and more. With a focus on in-house production, our services include top-tier treatment and seasoned woodworks, ensuring that every product meets the legendary quality standards synonymous with the TAZ name.
Feel free to connect with TAZ Group at any time. Knock on our door, and let us be your trusted partner for all your quality-centric needs. Experience the excellence that defines “TAZ” – Where Quality is Priority.
Thank you for considering TAZ Group as your preferred destination for quality-driven solutions.



Chairman’s Speech:

“The essence of “TAZ” is akin to the first words of my beloved daughters, with my name nestled in the middle. Our mission at TAZ Group is to infuse a sense of legendary quality into our products, especially in the domain of treatment and seasoned woodworks. We embark on this journey armed with cutting-edge technologies and a team of experts, aiming to offer comprehensive “One Stop” solutions for home décor, corporate needs, and beyond.

While our primary focus remains on in-house production, we aspire to be your ultimate companion for all your requirements. We invite you to reach out, knock on our door, and provide us with the opportunity to showcase the excellence that defines “TAZ.”

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